How to not create karma

Hello there beautiful beloveds! Spirit has much to say today, so let’s get right to it…

As we continue on the path of creating more Light within ourselves, it is important to know that we create karma every day which then needs to be cleared. I personally have known this in my mind but the full understanding of how to not continue to create karma in my life was still just out of reach. Sure, I am conscious enough not to purposefully send someone bad juju, but then it all finally landed within the past 24 hours and on my run for me this morning of how we can really work with this concept in order to not keep creating karma for ourselves over and over.

I was visiting my parents yesterday for lunch and my Mom made a comment where she heard from a spiritual teacher she likes that anything you think or say doesn’t affect the other person but comes back to you. Even if you say, “well, that’s their karma,” that actually comes to you to then be cleared within your energy field. It didn’t quite land with me when she said it, and so I just left it in my brain to be mulled over. Then I woke up early this morning and remembered a dream I was having where I was experiencing the pain of a thought I had the day before. I had thought someone wasn’t aware in their comment when they said something to me and I judged them for it, and now in the dream I was experiencing the pain of not being aware and being judged. I thought this was really fascinating. I then understood that I was clearing my karma through the dream! Sometimes we can outwardly see in our awake experiences when we are clearing karma, but we also can do this in dream state. So what I had thought about someone else, I was now experiencing in the dream so that I could be clear of it.

Then on my run, another piece clicked for me. I sometimes get frustrated with people when they take up the whole path or sidewalk and not move over and make some room for everyone, and recently I noticed more and more people have been doing this. Well, duh. Now I get it. Because of my judgement of others, it keeps showing up for me in order to have the opportunity to really see and understand this and shift my perspective and reality. Now if I have this thought, I can requalify the thought and take it back. Yes, we can take the thoughts back and send them back out with love and kindness. Now I can say, I wish you love and peace, I will make way for you, and have a great day. I am 95% kind to people, and in my quest to becoming a full ascended being, there are still some patterns I need to recognize for myself in order to keep ascending and become 100% light. And I know you don’t want to keep creating karma for yourself either. So just know that if you have a thought that might not be in full Love and Light, you can call it back to you, requalify it, and then send it back out again the way you would like it to be. Always a practice, always a choice.

My latest favorite phrase is — “you can’t get to it until you can get to it.” As we continue to really see ourselves for who we are and continue to meet ourselves in the darker places to clear, more comes up to our awareness when we are ready to see it. And it peels off in layers. We recognized something in ourselves, we feel it and clear it, and then you keep going. And then you’ll become aware of something else that needs to be felt and released, and so you consciously work with that. It’s a spiral up process (or a spiral down if you continue to choose the lower expressions, but then this will just keep you stuck instead of moving forward). And so I say be grateful when you see something new that you can continue to clear because now you can finally get to that next thing that will bring you ever closer to Light. You can finally get to it! And it clears to fast now. I had a friend mention to me this week how her client was able to move through something super fast, and I have noticed that within myself as well. Something that would have taken me days and many tears to clear can now shift in a matter of a breath and one tear if any. I constantly am asking for more clarity, more clearing, and just keep me moving. “Let’s go!”

I read a quote from someone this week and he said, “in order to go fast, go slow.” I know for myself that I sometimes really want things to show up faster in my reality, but there is a timing and a pace to everything. My spirit animal for years has been the honu (sea turtle), and there’s such wisdom in this guide for me. The turtle won the race, and so it is a reminder that even though something may not be in existence right now, it is on its way, it’s already done, and you don’t want to miss any opportunities for learning along the way. (Like learning how to not create any more karma in my life is a pretty good lesson.)

The supermoon last week opened a whole new level of reality for me that I was hoping to share with you today, but that will need to be for another time. And this week on Wednesday we have the 5–5–5 (5–5–2021) gateway happening. Last year on 4–4–4 (4–4–2020), ascension kicked off. I am sensing something pretty powerful for this 5–5–5 opening, and I am excited to see what the Universe has in store for us this time around. So if you choose, ask to be shown something that will move you forward on your journey during this gateway — with grace and ease. Like the honu, we can flow with the waves, rise and fall with the power of the ocean with grace, and let the water wash it all away with ease. And to the people out there taking up the whole pathway out on their walks, I love you all. :)

Much love, many blessings. xo



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Dianna Hanken

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